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Site being updated.  Ive been away from it for a while, but im back.  Contact email is active again, sorry if I missed your emails.  Thanks!

Everyone has a passion in life.  A few of mine are hunting and shooting.  My site deals primarily with collecting and shooting military surplus rifles, especially the Russian Mosin-Nagant.  I will also discuss my family, friends, firearm ownership, violent crime and anything else that pops into my little head.

This is new territory for me, so there will probably be many changes to this site.  But my intention was to showcase my collection and provide some history.  Ideally, I will have detailed troubleshooting and breakdown sections for my collection in addition to range reports and product reviews.  Please be patient with the evolution of this site and feel free to contact me.

Detailed information on Yugo SKS, Chinese SKS, CETME, Mosin Nagant, Yugo Mauser, AK-47, Marlin Model 60A and more!  Essays on things that bother me and creative ways to waste time at work.  Have fun and feel free to contact me!

Necessary Disclamer for all the litigious douchebags out there.
This site is intended for entertainment only!  Any information herein is to be used at the exclusive risk of the reader.  The publisher and host of this site assume no liabilty or responsibilty for the content provided.  This information is provided in good faith and is to be used by the reader at their own risk! 
Translated.  Everything here is MY way of doing things and has been proven to ME to be a reliable way to achieve a specific result.  I assume no liability if you screw up and break something.  Most of these weapons dont come with manuals so every step here is through trial and error on my part.  Ive broken weapons in this process but ive always been able to fix what I broke.  Take your time, take a deep breath and FOLLOW THE DAMN INSTRUCTIONS!  And as always, if you have problems, e-mail me!


Vintovka Poster.


Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute to this site with your own tips.