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Down In Flames Page! (New Content 23 Mar!)
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A page dedicated to poor customer service and bad attitudes..

Bob Tomes Ford, 950 S. Central Expressway (75N), McKinney Tx, 75070.
This something that everyone has heard before.  "Car Dealerships Suck..!".  Nothing new here, just the usual attempts to screw me out of my money.  I wouldnt have written anything but what happened when I was leaving was too much.  To make a long story short, after my car was broken into, I was looking for a new vehicle.  My car isnt really worth enough to pour 5 or 6 hundred dollars into it, so I just decided to get a Ford F150.  I chose Bob Tomes in McKinney because of great advertised specials on the net.  Went down on a saturday afternoon and found what I wanted.  Because it was late in the day, the loan wasnt going to be processed until monday morning, so they sent me home in the truck over the weekend.  With the window of my Camaro broken out and rain on the forecast, I asked them to park it somewhere where it wouldnt be rained on.  They agreed and I left in the truck.  They called me monday morning and told me my loan was approved, but added $2000 to the price of the truck and took off $1000 from the value of my car.  "Upon further review of the vehicles.."  This is bull and I told them I wasnt going to buy it like that.  We went back and forth over the phone and couldnt come to an agreement, so I told them I was coming in to get my car.  Came in the next morning and found my car parked in front of the dealership waiting for me.  This was slightly odd given that the car was parked behind the dealership in a fenced in lot when I left on sat, but I figured they just wanted to get me out of the dealership.  They dont like stupid customers, I guess...  I knew that it had sprinkled over the weekend so I had brought a towel for the seat.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the seat was dry.  Looking closer I realized that there was a standing inch of liquid on the backseat driver side floorboard and that the driver side back seat was also wet.  Strange...  How does water blow around the front seat to puddle on the backseat?  Looking closer I realized that the water was black.  I dont know where you live but in north Texas, we dont have black rain.  The center console and cupholder also had standing black liquid in them.  It wasnt rain.  It was coffee!  Someone had poured an entire pot of coffee into the backseat and console of my car!  I guess the salesman wasnt too happy to have not made a sale and thought this would be funny.  Oh, the salesman's name was Terron Pullman.  I called the owner, Bob Tomes, and he asured me that no one at his dealership would do something like this.  Well, then who did?  It was parked in a locked enclosure and only employees would have acess to it.  Im not Nancy Drew but I have my suspicions...

Athens Pawn Shop, 607 E. Tyler St. #104, Athens TX. 75751
I went into this pawn/gun shop with money in my pocket and a desire to buy a new rifle.  I have been shopping here since I was in High School, and have bought more than one rifle and lots of ammo here.  The owner has always been a little rude, but you dont have many options in Athens so I always put up with it.  I was in there this week and while I was browsing, a man came in and told him he was shipping out to Iraq and didnt have anywhere to store a Glock 9mm and was looking to sell it.  The owner hemmed and hawed telling him "I dont know if I need another Glock on my shelf..", looked at the pistol for a bit and walked away.  I asked the seller, "How much are you asking on it?"  I had my elbow on the counter and I was looking to my left as I spoke.  As soon as I said this, I was poked in my right shoulder hard enough to knock my arm off the counter.  I looked behind me and saw the owner.  He was so mad he stuttered while he spoke.  He said "This is how I make my living, you understand me?!"  I didnt understand what he was talking about so I said "Im sorry..?"  He repeated "This is how I make my living, you WILL NOT come in here and do business!"  I was pretty shocked and said as politely as I could "Im sorry, I was just asking a question sir."  He replied "You WILL NOT come in here and do business!"  So, I said "..youre absolutely right, I will not do business here any more.  Have a nice day, sir" and I left.  Looking back, I can see how he could be upset, but he made it very clear that he wasnt interested in this pistol.  I simply asked how much the seller was looking for.  I wasnt really even in the market, I was just curious.  The owner could have said what he said in many different ways, most of which wouldnt have involved him putting his hands on me.  As a result, my family and I will never shop there again and im encouraging any East Texas residents who read this to show their support for good customer service by boycotting him as well.  Athens Pawn Shop has the dubious honor of being my first public flaming. 

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