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Random Pictures Of Whatever I Want


Heh heh...  Ive been wanting a Dodge Ram since my junior year in high school and I finally got one.


I love this truck.  Its such a huge change going from a small sports car like the Camaro to a full sized truck, but im making the adjustment.  Gas mileage kinda...  no, REALLY sucks.  $45 for a tank of gas, and with me working 7 days a week and going to school, I go through about a tank a week.


My Dad and I heading out.  Im turning him on to Mil-Surp slowly and surely....


My Dad telling me old farts can shoot too..


"Yeah Dad, just wait till I get set up and take a picture.... Im sure you can figure the camera out without my help but Im just trying to... No, no.  That click means you took a picture.  Yes, im sure..  Ok, didnt take a picture.  The light comes on by itself...."


This is my sister approximately 2.5 seconds before telling me "I like your new gun, its cute!"  Alicia....  guns aren't cute....sigh.