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My Mosin-Nagant's.  People invariably call these weapons "ugly".  I agreed until I picked one up and shot it.  Rugged design, simple to operate, powerful and basically foolproof.


Polish M44.  Very accurate, very handy and very fun.


Soviet M91/30 in an ATI monte carlo stock with Rock Ridge bipod.  These are long rifles..


Pole M44 with Czech silver tip and open sights at 25 yds.  Thats "minute of deer" any day!



While it appears to be an M38, it is in fact a Chezch m91/38.  These rifles were believed to be issued in small numbers to Border Patrol and gaurds on the Berlin Wall.  The key differences being the Imperial Crest marked hexagonal reciever, circle "T" imprints and heavier sight base.  Check out this link    to see why im so excited!