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CETME Page. The Scope And Mount Saga!
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CAI CETME Page.  Range report available!


CAI CETME , purchased from the good people at .


Same rifle with wood furniture.  I think this looks great!  I will more than likely put the plastic furniture back on if I plan on heavy use.  Too bad this picture doesnt show the shine on the wood or the grain.  Nice!


Here is a better picture of the furniture.  This was good wood when I bought it but definitely showed handling wear.  Lots of grime and hand oils in the stock.  Cleaned with wood cleaner and then very lightly sanded with fine steel wool to remove the surface crud.  If you get too aggressive with the steel wool you will remove finish down to bare wood, and then you will have to restain.  2 coats of BLO (boiled linseed oil) and this is how it looks.  Doesnt remove the look of age but does clean the wood up.  Let me know what you think.


CETME with the B-Square Mount and a Leapers 5th Gen Mil-Dot.  In a word... CRAP!  Dont waste your money on anything by Leapers.  This scope was so flimsy that rapping your knuckle on the body would cause the crosshairs to "float".


CETME with the same mount and a Kalinka PO 6x40 Mil-dot ( scope.  Looks good, feels good and shoots like a dream.  Easy to adjust and zero and the optics are some of the best ive seen on scopes costing 3 times as much.


CETME with B-Square mount and Kalinka PO 6x40 mil-dot/range finder recticle.  Zeroing scope at 50 yards with Portugese NATO 7.62 ball.  Yes, that is one hole at 50 yards.  The Remwetherbinchester 3million with Zeiss scope and handloads crowd will say "So what..?" but this is a parts gun, with a $95 scope and 30 year old mil-surp ammo in a cold rifle.  That aint bad.  Only problem being that I think the mount is slipping to the rear.  I fired 15 more rounds in 3 shot strings and my groups kept getting bigger, and it looks like the mount has moved a mm or 2 rearward.  I went to the range the next day and had no further problems.  Appears as though the mount was just getting "settled".


CETME and 6x40 mil-dot with Australian Defense Industries ( ) 7.62 NATO at 25 yards.  I was doing this and better all day.  Looks as though the scope mount has "settled in".  A later note.  Look a bit further down the page.  This is what happened to my B-Square mount.  This rifle is capable of MOA acuracy, but I guess im going to have to get the expensive "Stanag" style mount from Tapco.  Oh well, learn from my (more and more expensive) mistakes.


This is the second B-Square mount ive put on one of my weapons and it is the LAST!  The mount that I put on my Pole m44, broke when I was installing it.  Set screw snapped..  This mount BENT while hand tightening.  This is supposed to be quality merchandise and I paid a premium for it.  The only reason that B-Square isnt on my "down in flames" page is because theyve always been polite when I speak with them. 


To make matters worse, this is what the mount "drifting" did to my reciever!  Note the damage to the front of the rear sight base as well.  BIG FRIGGIN THANKS B-SQUARE!


Here she is!  Before I changed the furniture and removed the B-Square mount.  Looks nice though, doesnt it?