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Random Opinions...

Im tired of having the same rhetoric laced conversations over and over, so let me just put this in writing. 
1. War in Iraq.
  First of all, to those people who say that we had no reason to go to Iraq in the first place.  George Bush was wrong. There, I said it.  I have no problem admitting that his intel was faulty.  That being said, Saddam had been telling the rest of the worl for years that he had weapons of mass destruction.  For those that dont understand, the phrase "Weapons of Mass Destruction" doesnt just refer to Nuclear weapons.  This is a generic term used by the military to describe imprecise weaons, intended for use against large targets.  The world has been using these kinds of weapons for thousands of years.  From lobbing the decomposing bodies of farm animals over castle walls with a catapult, to dropping dead animals and enemy soldiers into wells to poison the water supply, to the colonists (British, French, American, etc..) giving blankets contaminated by smallpox to Indian tribes...  This has been done for thousands of years wihout the help of high technology.  The whole purpose of these kinds of weapons is to;
a) Kill large numbers of your enemies without risking your own forces.
b) Inspire terror in your enemies to break their will and prompt a surrender.
c) Act as a "force multiplier". Meaning to project more force without actually having more armed forces. (thats a generalization, I know)
To be honest, its not really accurate to compare poisoning a well to modern weapons, but bear with me as I try and give a little history. 
  The first large scale use of modern WMD's was, for all intents and purposes, the first world war.  The war was a trench war, meaning that opposing forces didnt really manuever, they sat in trenches that ran the length of France, and basically fought a war of attrition.  Both sides became frustrated by the slow progress of the war, and by the appalling cost in human lives of trying to rush fortified positions defended by machine guns, tanks, artillery and tens of thousands of troops.  The question was how to break into a fortified trench without losing 50,000 or so soldiers.  (research how many lives were lost during major WW1 batles like Verdun and the battle for the Somme)  The answer was chemical weapons.  Simple to produce agents like chlorine gas, mustard gas and tear gas were much cheaper than soldiers and could destroy entire troop concentrations stretching for miles.

Victims of a mustard gas attack, WW1.

  This was the horrifying result.  These weapons were beyond terrifying.  These men are holding on to each other because they are blind.  Giant rolling clouds of oily, orange colored mustard gas that stuck to anything it came into contact with.  Mustard gas causes blindness, painful blistered chemical burns, blistering to the lungs and respiratory tract and scarring if you survive.  Water wouldnt wash it off and there wasnt really anything that could be done for it.  Any exposed skin would blister and scar, and a horrible choking death was the result of breathing it.

Victim of a mustard gas attack, WW1.

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