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Avoid the Humperdinks at 35 and NW Highway in Dallas if you value your property!


This is the before picture of my baby.  This car has been through so much with my exes and other things that it broke my heart to have someone beat it up like this.  Keep scrolling.


My poor damn car....  All the drama with exes but never a problem with someone else messing with it.  Some jobless dickhead bypassed the numerous Mercede's, Lexus's and 2 brand new Infiniti G35's to pick out the beat up 96 Camaro.  Stuck something sharp under the window glass, levered it out and ripped the glass out of the frame.


This is a heartbreaker..  Notice the yellow wire hanging out of my dash?  Thats whats left of the remote wire.  Big "F"ing thanks to the douchebag that did this.


Better pic of the damage to the dash.  You still cant see that the a-hole ripped half of my dash in 2 lengthwise pieces.  As if its not bad enough that I lost a window and a $400 cd-player, I have to replace the entire dash AND the temperature controls.  And to add insult to injury, my brand new 50 Cent cd was in there.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  Please God, just 5 minutes alone with this guy....


I looked into having the Camaro repaired.  It would have been over $1000 to fix the glass and have the interior fixed, not counting installing a new stereo.  For a car with 130,000 miles, a bad tranny and a nasty oil leak I just couldnt justify dropping almost half the value of the car into repairs.  So, I got the Dodge.  I miss the Camaro but I love this truck!