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Ive gotten a lot of flack over this page from just about everyone...  Deal with it, I do. ;)


My good friend Big Rod and I.  He's a pro boxer and was my boxing instructor for a long time.  Damn nice guy but definitely the wrong bouncer to mess with.


Chad, Clint and Jason. 


Vanessa and Lalo.  This pic looks normal, but they're both really about 4 1/2 feet tall, so it balances out.


Andrew the bartender.  Dude has definitely seen "Cocktail" one too many times...;)


Sarah, the door girl.  The first person you see coming into the club.  Word of advice, be nice to her.  She will have no qualms about ripping you a new one.


Chad and I.  This was "Prom Night 1989".  We had to dress nicely, but our customers were truly disturbing...


Its her 21'st birthday and she was having a GREAT time!  Thats about 4 inches of a D cell maglight.  Then she proposed to me.  3 times.  Loudly.  Incidentally, if anyone has any idea how I can disinfect my flashlight, email me.


My job can be so rough some times...


Another picture of the truly distasteful side of this job.


A pic of some customers and the back of my supervisor Big John's head.  I almost didnt include this for fear that people wouldnt recognize him but then I realized...  Thats what most people see anyways.  The back of his head.  'Cause hes giving a ... never mind.  If I have to explain it....


Theyre angry.  Very angry!  About...something.


On the right is "Midori", a really nice ex-army officer (seriously) turned world famous bondage expert.  The lady on the left isnt.  A lady I mean.  At least not in the conventional "anatomical" sense.  But labels like man and woman are such b.s., dont you think?  Nice lady but she can be intimidating.  Shes about 6 ft 2 in...


Umm...  You think this looks odd.  Just keep scrolling down.  They are belly dancers.  Well, more belly than dancer but you get the idea.  Oh, and this is an average night, not some kind of costume party.  They were sweethearts, its just not every day that you see people belly-dancing to Marilyn Manson.


Ummm...  I dont know what to say about this guy.  Hes the only customer on a Church night that I know of that was asked not to wear his costume again.  Wonder why?


Hansel and I.  Hes a really nice guy, some kind of investment banker if I remember correctly, he just shows up looking like this every sunday.  Meh.., whatever works for you.


Hmm..  How to explain this guy?  He comes in every sunday with a bridle on and asks female customers to beat him up, ride him or let him lick their feet.  Some women get creeped out, some dig it..  Hes really just part of the atmosphere.


This was a fun pic to take.  I had to redo it because the gentleman on the right, in the skirt, was going commando and had his hairy boys showing.  I just didnt think my mom needed to see that.  Come to think of it, neither did I..


A big part of our sunday night crowd is the S&M group.  I dont get it, but they were digging it.  By the way, those are real cat-o-nine tails.  They were very heavy and he was really laying into her...  Makes me wonder why I have problems finding a date.


It was tough taking pics of customers and keeping it free of nudity.  Most volunteered to disrobe the moment the camera popped out.  This is an interesting picture of a girl who wore electricians tape as a top.  Bet she saves a fortune on clothes... 


Hes a really, really nice guy.  Hes just... flamboyant.


Just wanted to show the 2 girls on the left.  They're wearing duct tape.  I asked if it hurt when they pulled it off.  They swore it didnt and told me I should try it.  Uh, maybe later.


Say what you want about these people, Church Night is the friendliest group of customers we have. 

"The Church"