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I wanted to include some really gory pics of the operating room, but HIPPA (patient privacy) rules are giving me some problems.  Check out the "Other Job" page to see pics of me at the club.(more co-worker pics coming!)

Quite a few people have asked me what I "see" in the OR.  Here are some of the strangest.
1.  35 human heads in cardboard coffins.  No, really..  Plastic surgery fellows practicing nose jobs on cadaver heads.  These guys were doing this late at night in the back of the OR, with human heads (still dripping..yeck..) clamped into spiked Mayfield racks.  Nice...
2.  A 500lb woman in for weight loss surgery (good call lady).  When the nurse lifted the rolls on her stomach, we found cheetos.  I shit you not.
3.  A woman having giant cysts removed from her uterus.  Turns out the cysts are full of some kind of developmental cells and one has hair and a fully developed molar in it.  Looked like hairy guacamole with a tooth and smelled like freshly cracked ass.  Think about that the next time you order nachos.
4.  A man with an intact light bulb in his rectum.  Turns out he was changing light bulbs while naked and sat down on one.  Yeahhh...... 


Me.  I know, very impressive...  Im an Anesthesia Tech in a large hospital in downtown Dallas.  Big name for a really menial job.  My co-workers actually call me Anesthesia Boy or Anesthesia Bitch.  I get no respect..


Shane (aka. Russell, aka. Shanus) Willcoxen.  My partner on nights and the wind beneath my wings.  "..even the nights are better, now that were here together.."  Inside joke, dont think too hard about it.


Shane and I.  He really is a goofball, but it makes the stress of my job a little more manageable. 


Lynette and Carrie.  Whats to say about these 2?  Nuts would probably cover it...  Oh, the things I could tell you about them.  But, a gentleman never tells....  I think Lynette is the bottom in this shot?

Im quite frequently asked how I do what I do.  How can I see what I see and be ok with it?  The short answer is that I love what I do.  I love feeling like im making a differance.  The longer answer is that all of the horrible things ive seen and been a part of are overshadowed by the beauty of childbirth and the feeling of saving a life.  I had problems for a long time with some of the more heinous things ive experienced, but in this line of work, you have to learn that you just cant be perfect.  Some people just cant be saved.  So ill take this space to apologize to those I couldnt save.
-To the SIDS baby and his family back in Okinawa.  Im sorry I couldnt save your son.  He was long past any help, much less mine, when we found him.  Remembering finger-sweeping the vomit out of his mouth and trying to do CPR while I cried and ran with him in my hands haunted me for years.
-To the husband of my Japanese Peter Pan.  Seven stories onto concrete means there isnt anything a Trauma Surgeon can do, much less a 19 year old EMT.  I saw you screaming while the MP's held you back from the ruin of your wife and felt totally helpless.  Sorry man, some things defy explanation.  Maybe god can tell you why, someday.
-To my first real emergency as an EMT.  I still remember your name sir.  I remember the smell of your last meal in your home and on your breath as I broke your ribs doing CPR.  I remember the look in your eyes as I shocked you so many times.  Maybe being able to bring you back, only to have you go through the agony of a massive heart attack wasnt the best use of my skills, but what else was I to do?
-To the middle aged man in a panic on the Angio table, im sorry.  You felt your heart dying and I told you not to worry.  What you had been died on the table, but we kept you alive for weeks, cutting away the pieces of your body as the drugs made them rot away.  I remember how we referred to you as "the stump", but our attempt at humor was our way of coping with the horror youd become.  Like the writer said, "The living keep living and the dead only know that it is better to be alive".