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Here are a few of my favorite things..I mean Links..

Perro's Cetme Rifle Page

DFW Gun Range  Indoor range, gun shop and gunsmith.  Offering CHL classes as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga and Cardio Kickboxing.  Very knowledgeable and friends of mine.  If youre in Dallas, check 'em out!

Davids Collectibles  AK, MN and SKS products.  Lots of mil-surp gear and ammo.  Good people, good customer service.

Russian Mosin Nagant  Great informative site on the history of the Mosin Nagant.  Model identification guides, arsenal and stamping guides and rarity scale among others.  Loads of info on whatever you need to know about the MN.  Excellent site, a must see for any MN collector.

Cheaper Than Dirt  What to say about CTD?  Anything you need dealing with mil-surp gear, you can find here cheaply.  Great deals on ammo as well.

AIM Surplus  Great site for FFL and C&R holders.  Loads of mil-surp weapons and ammo on the cheap.  Ive heard loads of good things about them.

Military Gun Supply  Great site for FFL and C&R holders.  Also a great store to visit if youre in Fort Worth.  Just about the best deals on any mil-surp weapons ive ever seen.  Great deals on ammo as well.

Aztec International  Home of the cheap Mosin Nagant.  If you hold an FFL or C&R, this is THE PLACE to go.

Wholesale Guns And Ammo  Great place for Mausers and MN on the cheap.  Also offers ammo and some mil-surp gear.

Kalinka Optics Warehouse  If you own a Mosin Nagant, SKS, SVD, Romak/Dragunov or AK this is the place to get your mounts and optics.  Manufactured using WWII captured German technology from Zeiss factories, these optics are awesome and cheap.  Good customer service and speedy delivery.

Numrich Gun Parts  A great site for all those hard to find mil-surp gun parts.  Just about any part for any weapon and very reasonable.  Ive heard nothing but good things about these people.  Great site dealing with the hisory and manufacture of the SKS rifle. Good info on stamping and mods.  Hasnt been updated in a few years but a great site nonetheless.

SKSMAN  Good site to find all those cheap add-ons for your SKS.  Cheap but almost all chinese made. Order at your own risk.

Combat 101  Stories and wartime accounts from Vietnam vets.  Incredible site, ive yet to read all of them.  Definitely worth the read.

Cruffler  Incredible site dealing with anything mil-surp related.  Reviews and reports on almost any weapon you could want to buy.  Brutally honest, read before you buy a weapon.

International Gun Parts  Great site for CETME and H&K.  Tons of gear for any H&K clone.

POF-USA  Pakistani made CETME and H&K gear.  Hard to find parts and acessories for your H&K or clone.

WECSOG  Wiley Coyote School Of Gunsmithing.  Great info on firearm repairs and pretty funny.  Good info on building FAL kits.

Century Arms  Home page for Century Arms.  CETME, G3 and others.  Cheap on prices but quality can be a crapshoot.  My CETME is a CAI build and ive had a few minor problems.  Nothing that couldnt be fixed, but inspect weapons closely before buying.

Medal Of Honor Website  A site listing the official citations for every Medal Of Honor awarded.  A must read.  Notice how many combat medics are killed.

U.S. Navy.  Where the men are men and the sheep are afraid!

U.S.M.C!  The only reason the Navy lets Marines on ships is because the sheep are too obvious.

USAF!  ZOOMIES!  Join up and guard a missile silo!

U.S. Army!  Boy scouts with guns..'nuff said.

TAPCO Rifle Parts and Accessories