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Pics of one of the cheapest and most enjoyable mil-surps on the market.


Yugoslav M59/66A1 in 7.62x39.  Ive been wanting one of these Yugo SKS's for a long time and finally got one.  The grenade launcher nicely adds weight to the barrel and just looks good.  The wood is in great shape and the metal is about %99.  This model also comes with front and rear tritium sights which should help greatly with low light hunting.  I picked this up from the good people at in Ft. Worth.  I love that shop and strongly reccomend that anyone wanting to pick up a mil-surp check them out first.


Best pic I have showing the condition of the wood and metal.  The M59/66A1 nomenclature denotes that it was refurbed in 1966, and the presence of tritium sights, and you can see this rifle is in perfect shape.  I paid a bit extra for the quality but I feel it was worth it.  I just hope it shoots as well as it looks!  The downside to the condition of the rifle was the cosmolene.  Now, im no stranger to the joys of cosmolene, but the Yugos loved them some cosmo.  The amount of that crap in this rifle bordered on the ridiculous.  Ive been cleaning this rifle for about 2 weeks (4 complete breakdowns and cleaning) and im still getting sticky fingers when I pick it up. Control your dirty minds... 


Chinese Norinco SKS in 7.62x39.  My first SKS and an excellent weapon.  My Dad took a deer with this gun last year and its value as a deer rifle is proven.  The only downside ive found to any SKS is the somewhat short length of the stock.  It just feels a bit tight for taller shooters.  I installed a $5 recoil pad that can be found at any gun show or shop and it feels like a different weapon. 
A side note:  In order to shut my brother up about "assault rifles", I gave him this rifle for Christmas.  I know, everyone should have a brother like me.  Unfortunately, rules at miltary housing make firearm ownership nearly impossible so ill be holding it for him for a while.  When I gave it to him I asked him, "So what do you think about assault rifles now"?  He said, "I still dont think anyone should have one of these.  Anyone but me that is...".  He liked it.  There is a pic of him getting it on Christams morning in my "Random Family" page.


Ive heard people bashing these Chinese SKS's, but if properly maintained, there isnt a damn thing wrong with them.  Ive had this rifle for a few years and put thousands of rounds through it, and never had a misfire or misfeed.