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Just because im 26 and unmarried doesnt mean I dont have a family.  Pics of my immediate and extended family.


Christmas 04.  My sister, my niece and my nephew. 


My niece and I.  Tell me she isnt just about the cutest 8 year old youve ever seen!


My nephew is 2 1/2 and he thinks hes spiderman.  This is him running into the next room to turn into spiderman.  Kids are great...


Goofy pic of my older brother Bryan.  Hes active duty in the Navy on board the carrier USS Carl Vinson.  This pic is him doing his Surface Warfare qualifications.  Hes driving the ship.  Kinda hard to reconcile his road rage in a minivan and then seeing him behind the wheel of a vessel that displaces 90,000 tons of water.  Proud of him...  On a side note, i'm not sure whats up with that "Ron Burgundy" lip fuzz.  What look were you going for, exactly?  I looked for a pic of his wife Yira, but I didnt have anything complimentary.  Quite frankly, Yira would castrate me if I posted a bad pic of her...  Im looking for a better one!
Edit.  He made PO2!  Congrats Bro!


Christmas morning '04.  Bryan opening his new Chinese SKS.  You cant see it past his giant glowing melon but he was grinning ear to ear.  This is his first gun.  That good looking young man next to him is my nephew AJ.  Hes gonna carry on the legacy ive set down with women someday.  Ignore the Christmas morning mess....  AJ discovered the joy of tearing up wrapping paper that morning and had a field day.


Ok, finally got a pic of my sister-in-law!  Shes probably the best thing thats ever happened to my brother.  And shes a good cook...  Ok.  This is the pic that she wanted on this site, but her genius husband shrunk it before he sent it.  It was a great picture....   Maybe Bryan will send a full sized picture next time?


My other family.  This is a group of my friends at BJ's in Addison about a year ago.  Theyre nuts but I love 'em for it..


Two of my good friends.  Blas (like floss but more fun for your mouth) on the left, and Farhad (aka. Freddie aka. Gangster mack of love) on the right.  Close friends and damn good people.


This is another pic of us.  Right to left...  Chad, Freddie, Blas and I.