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I tried to take as many pictures as possible.  Hope this helps.


This is how the bolt looks when you remove it from the reciever.  
Arrow 1: There is a gap between the bolt head and bolt body.
Arrow 2:  The Rollers are loose and not locked out in this position.


Using a medium sized flat screwdriver in the groove on the bottom of the bolt, turn the bolt counterclockwise almost 180 degrees until you can slide it off.  This will expose the firing pin and its spring and holder.


The firing pin holder will rotate freely in its hole.  You need to rotate it until the lug on the firing pin holder lines up with the notch on the bolt body and pops out.  This will expose the firing pin, firing pin spring and firing pin holder. 


This is how the firing pin is set up.


This is everything.  Clean the parts with a toothbrush and CLP as I described in the cleaning section.  Reassemble in reverse.


The problem with reassembly is that the rollers are locked out when the bolt head is flush with the bolt body, like this, and it wont fit into the reciever. 


The way to get around this is so easy that youll laugh.  When you put the bolt head on the bolt body, before you turn it the 180 degrees back, turn it one click clockwise and pull the bolt head away from the bolt body until it stops.  The bolt head will be firmly on the bolt body but about 1/2 inch away from being flush.  Note that the rollers are not locked in the out position now?  Its starting to make sense isnt it?  Now put the edge of a flat screwdriver into that notch and turn clockwise until it is lined up. 


The bolt is now ready to be re-inserted into the reciever.  Just drop it back into the reciever.  You will hear a firm click as the bolt body hits the end of the reciever and seats the bolt head back onto the bolt body.  Done, now you can go pound your head on a counter and laugh.  I reccomend a cold beer.