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Yugoslavian M48 Mauser In 8mm


Clean, all matching, Yugo M48 Mauser in 8mm with the correct bayonet, bought from my friends over at  Big thanks to Rick from for helping me find this and pick out the best one. 


Great wood and metal.  Note the clarity of the crest and the condition of the bluing.


The matching Yugo bayonet.  Numbers on the blade and scabbard matched, just didnt match the rifle.  New and unissued, this is a wicked knife!  The point on this sucker gives me the heeby-jeebies...


I was down by the range when I picked this up, so I figured "what the heck"?  This is straight from the gun show to the range, no cleaning involved.  The first 5 rounds were unimpressive.  But, the gun didnt blow up on me, so I was happy.  Then this happened.  3 rounds at about an inch at 50 yards, open sights with a nickel shown for dimension.  This was consistant!  I did this to 3 or 4 targets and then went to the 100 yard targets.  A good deal less impressive, 5-6 in groups, but im sure this was due to problems behind the trigger and not in front of it.  This might be my new deer rifle....