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WASR/CUGIR AK-47 Breakdown Page
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Basic Breakdown Of My WASR/CUGIR AK-47.


First, as with every weapon, visually and manually insure that the rifle is unloaded.  Depress the takedown button at the rear of the upper reciever.  The dust cover will lift up and away exposing the bolt body.  I like to clean the inside of the dust cover with a rag and CLP, but im anal that way.


Lift the guide rod and spring out of its channel and remove the rod and bolt body by pulling to the rear.  Cleaning the guide rod and spring doesnt really affect the operation of the rifle but it will annoy me if I dont.  Just wipe down the rod and spring with a rag and some CLP. 


Remove the bolt body and gas piston assembly by pulling to the rear until the guide channels on the bolt clear the reciever(make sure the hammer is cocked).  Brush the bolt body assembly with a toothbrush and wipe clean with a rag and CLP, leaving behind a thin film of oil.  Pay attention to the extractor, bolt face and firing pin channel.  Gunk in the firing pin channel has been linked to bump fire (uncontrolable full auto) so take your time.  Remove the bolt head from the bolt body by turning the bolt head until it comes off.  Clean the bolt head guide channel with a toothbrush and a rag with CLP.   When you reassemble, make sure that the grooves on the bolt are in the guides on the reciever, and the hammer is cocked.  Clean the inside of the lower reciever with a toothbrush and a blast of brake wash.  A light film of CLP and youre done.


Remove the fore end and gas piston chamber by turning the fore end release lever,  just below the rear sight, counterclockwise until the fore end lifts off easily.  Clean inside with a patch and CLP but dont leave any CLP inside.  Combustion occurs into the piston chamber and will carbonize any oil you leave (carbon bad!).  Reassemble by placing the far end of the piston chamber back onto the gas vent on the barell, and pushing the fore end into its notch. Lock the lever back down into its dimple and you are good to go. 
A note:  My release lever was very tight and I had to use a small pair of plyers to turn it.  If you do this, be VERY careful as there is no easy (read "cheap") way to replace this if you break it.