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Romanian WASR/ CUGIR AK-47.


Romanian AK-47.  Ive wanted an AK for a long time, and finally broke down at the 15Aug gun show in Corsicana, Tx.  Kudos to the employees of Allcorn Creek Sporting Club LLC/ Gibson Gun Works in Bryan Tx.  979-589-1298.  LeAnn (I think..?) let me open the boxes and play with every AK that she had until I found the one that called out my name.  Excellent customer service and a damn good deal!


This gun is a blast, and with 7.62x39 ammo so cheap, you can really rock and roll!  Minimal recoil, comfortable ergonomics and very manageable.  Only shortcoming I saw was the shortness of the stock.  With the light recoil, this wasnt a problem.  Gave it a thorough cleaning out of the box, paying special attention to the piston chamber, and proceeded to fire 100 rounds in short order.  Zero misfeeds using Wolf 122 gr HP through slow and rapid fire.  (note to self:  dont let the barell touch neck when slinging rifle after rapid firing 40 rounds)  Found a few metal shavings during my post-shooting cleaning, but im sure they're from sloppy metal work at the factory and not parts wear.  (2nd note to self: find a way to let Dad know he has fat fingers)


I just got the scope side mount from  Took them more than 3 weeks to get it here due to "unforseen number of orders".   But for less than $30 I can wait.  Went on very easily and is very snug.  I put a 4x30 fixed from NcStar on it.  Not because I like or recommend them, but because it came with the POS SKS reciever cover mount that worked twice.  I havent shot it yet, but I will soon and ill post a report then.  I Like!


Just got the side folding stock from This is a US compliant part so it stays legal.  Nice thing about it is that it increases the length of pull by 2 inches and makes the rifle much more comfortable and natural to shoulder.  It also makes using a scope much easier as it allows you to hold your head in a more natural position.  The only glitch ive found so far is that the standard AK sling wouldnt fit into the small opening provided.  I used the sling from my CETME with no problems.


Here it is with the stock folded.  Tell me that isnt just about awesome!


Close up of the stock showing "U.S.A" clearly marked.  Easy to install...  Remove the old stock by removing 2 screws, drill pilot holes for the new screws with the drill bit provided, slide the stock into the reciever and screw on and finished!  To fold the stock, simply push the stock down and turn.  Very nice!