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Looking backward...

Brief history of the Mosin-Nagant battle rifle.

In the late 1800's, the Russian military was looking for a battle rifle to modernize their army and compete with the other European states.  The rifles of the era, to name a few, were the Krag-Jorgensen, Mauser, Lebel and Schmidt-Rubin.  A contest was held to determine the best new design and a Russian Army Captain named Sergei Mosin began submitting designs in 1883.  He tinkered with different variations on a magazine fed rifle until 1891 when his rifle, the Pekhotniya Vintovka obr 1891g, was accepted by the Russian Army.  This rifle was produced in vast quantities and with many variations until 1938 with the advent of the M38.  Actually realeased in 1939, this rifle was a shorter carbine version of the m1891 and M91/30, designed to be carried by support units such as artillery and by cavalry.  This was essentially just a shorter M91/30 and wasnt ideal for infantry in close quarters.  After a number of requests by the Army for a carbine with a bayonet, the M44 was introduced.  The only real difference between the M38 and the M44 is the side folding bayonet on the M44.  The M44 was produced in staggering quantities and was manufactured by many Soviet Bloc countries during the cold war including Poland and Romania.  The M44 also saw service in almost every conflict from WW2 up to Vietnam and Afghanistan.

WW2 Soviet Poster


My M91/30 with bayonet and various goodies... and my toe.